The TEAM of the year 2019 - U11

The U11 group of Eagles Football Academy was named the team of the year 2019. The U11 has promoted twice in just a few months in the East London Echo League, with remarkable results. Basically, in

Players of the Year 2019. U7: Kevin Neymar Gheorghies

This year, Eagles Football Academy has awarded one player from each age group. The players of the year 2019 were voted by their colleagues. We would like you to know the children who have received

Eagles Football Academy U10 played in a training match against Crystal Palace

The U10 group of Eagles Football Academy played a preparatory match against the same group of English Premier League club Crystal Palace. Our children made a very good game, understood and applied the

Ex-Romanian Team player, Tibor Selymes, special guest at Eagles Football Academy: “I was excited to see 130 Romanian children who sang the Romanian Anthem”

The Romanian international Tibor Selymes, former member of the national football team of Romania, was invited to the Eagles Football Academy at the end of the year celebration and at the awarding