3 reasons your little champ should join Eagles Football Academy

Is your child talented at football? Do you want him to be trained in a professional environment? Do you
think he has what it takes to make it to the top? Then you're in the right place. Eagles

Eagles Football Academy will evolve in London Youth Football League

Three Eagles Football Academy teams will evolve starting in February into one of the most powerful football leagues for children and youth, London Youth Football League. On Saturday, the U11-12 group

The TEAM of the year 2019 - U11

The U11 group of Eagles Football Academy was named the team of the year 2019. The U11 has promoted twice in just a few months in the East London Echo League, with remarkable results. Basically, in

Players of the Year 2019. U7: Kevin Neymar Gheorghies

This year, Eagles Football Academy has awarded one player from each age group. The players of the year 2019 were voted by their colleagues. We would like you to know the children who have received