6 key aspects that young players should keep in mind

Our coaches at Eagles Football Academy always talk to children and parents about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and advise the young players to keep a balanced schedule. School is the most im

How does football work?

Our friend, coach Wael, puts it in a simple perspective: football starts with a message from the brain and ends with a footwork.

So it's wrong to teach players to run more than t

How we miss the beautiful game! Football is all we have in mind

Remember the rush of the matchday? Here you can see some classic images from an U16 match played by Eagles in the Challenge Cup, a few years ago. Better equipped tactically and physically, our tea

Welcome back, Mister!

We're happy to have our General Manager from Eagles Football Academy, Gabriel Dumitru, back on the pitch. 

In the past few weeks, he oversaw the activity of the Academy from distance,