Learn when to press the opponent during football matches!

Jurgen Klopp enjoys great succes thanks to his "gegenpressing" concept, which means pressing your opponent immediately after losing possession. 

But how can you master the favourite tr

Fun football drill, using groups of players

Main objectives: improve speed, control, technique and teamwork. Great entertainment and competitive fun.

How to receive signals during football matches

We continue the special series of online football lessons at Eagles Football Academy. Here you can read a few "golden tips" inspired from the @TheCoachingManual, that can help the players get in f

EFA U11-12 vs. Lens Academy London 1-2

Great performance from Tomasso Sandulianu, the best player from Eagles Football Academy, in the game lost against Lens. It was a surprising defeat for our young eagles, but the EFA U11-12 team rem