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Gabriel Dumitru


"Eagles Football Academy was born from my passion for football. On the 1st of June, the international child day, on a sunny day in London I had my first coaching session with 7 children. Out of them, 3 are still part of the academy among another 150. Iniatally the academy was only for romanian kids, but the eagles spirit is for all the children around the world, so now we have kids from other countries as well. We have two training grounds, in the north and east of London, several specialised trainers and several won competitions. Our goal is that these kids will become professional athletes that will be a positive example for the future children. This is my goal, to create great footballers, but not only that, great people too, as sport changes us. In the end I just want all of them to smile back on the Eagles Academy days as they think back."


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It's a Sunday afternoon at the Oak Leisure Centre, in Northern London. Quite hot outside and a very bright day for the Eagles Football Academy: the last training session of the season just ended,

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Here lay our first steps as future footballers

  • July 1st 2014

    First Day of Practice

    Eagles Football Academy first training session was on July 1st 2014, when Gabi Dumitru worked with 7 kids for the first time.

  • October 2014

    School Starts, Our Academy Grows

    As school started, the number of kids grew. For the time they trained in a school gym near Wembley, until March 2015.

  • April 1st 2015

    New Nest For Eagles

    From this day we keep our trainings at Burnt Oak Leisure Center. We call this place even today our home.

  • June 2015

    Eagles Cup

    In order to promote our competitive spirit we organised the first Eagles Cup where 8 teams fought for the trophy. After this special event, the numbert of kids grew, making us wanting to do more for them. This is when we started our collaboration with some of the sponsors.

  • Early 2016

    Harrow Football League

    After hard training and good results we were invited in the Harrow Football league. Where we have teams from U8 to U16. This is were our fighting spirits comes to live. This is where our kids learn to fly towards success.

  • Mid 2018

    Echo League

    Lately we opened a new training quarter in the east of London, where the kids play in the Echo League.

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